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Kidneys and Things 2

After about five years of waiting, my husband finally got the call! He was a backup choice for a donor kidney and the first couple people were unable to take it/turned it down, so off we went. His surgery went really well, and his new kidney got right to work as soon as it was hooked up. It was a long two weeks in hospital and hotel rooms, but we’re back home and his recovery is going nicely too. It’s so strange that he’s not having to get up at 4:30 in the morning for dialysis every other day anymore. I can imagine how it will be moving forward. No struggling to schedule with clinics if we want a week away from town. No cancelling plans due to his being totally drained and desperate for rest on dialysis days. No more waiting and wondering if life can ever get back to normal. It was like being caught in a dark, hazy pit together just waiting and waiting for someone to throw us a rope. For now we’ll have to deal with quite a drive every couple weeks, and of course he’ll need to avoid people for a while since he’s got practically no immune system, but already I can see an enormous jump in his energy level. I hope the smooth sailing continues.

After a waiting period they’ll let us send a thank-you letter to that anonymous family that so generously agreed to donate their loved-one’s organs. There’s no better choice to make in that difficult position. Instead of your loved-one dying and that’s it, you’re enabling them to go out saving the lives of other people just like my husband. Who wouldn’t want that? If you haven’t already, please consider registering as an organ donor, and talk to your family about what you’d want if that situation should ever come up. Save some people or don’t. It seems like a pretty clear choice to me.