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Pumpkin Carving 4

Pumpkin Time! This year’s Gloria/Kelly pumpkin is all finished. It took us a while to come up with the subject matter this time, but we settled on a couple of weedy seadragons. Those still count for our usual dragon theme, right?

This time we tried doing the whole thing in outlines. It works if the pumpkin is thick enough to let loose cut-out parts sit in place. There were no serious injuries, and I think we got it all done in record time. Unfortunately, Gloria quickly diagnosed this pumpkin with some kind of fungal infection. Its condition deteriorated quickly. There was nothing we could do. It has already been given a proper send-off. We celebrated its short life in the only way we knew how: chocolate and Mario Kart.

Pumpkin Carving 3

It’s that time again! Like always, my friend Gloria came for a visit and brought with her a lovely jack-o-lantern-to-be. This year we went with a scene from my work in progress, Dragon Scales, featuring two girls offering a gift to an intimidating sea dragon. It was a little tough to sketch out, and the ripples in the water were difficult to cut, but there were no major mishaps. Success!

Since we carved our pumpkin a little early, it may not last all the way to Halloween. Luckily I know some tricks for keeping a jack-o-lantern looking great for as long as possible. One method to keep it from drying out and shrinking is to coat the carved edges with petroleum jelly. It’ll get a little gooey, but it’ll still look nice when it’s lit up. Pumpkins will also last a lot longer if you keep them cool in the refrigerator until it’s time to set them out on the porch and show them off. Unfortunately, I don’t have much space in my fridge this year thanks to the heaps of extra spaghetti my husband decided to cook last night.

Pumpkin Carving

My friend and I have a pumpkin carving tradition now for Halloween. We started off last year with our first one which had a simple castle, tree, and a couple clouds. This year we did two together, and we definitely topped ourselves. The first was a smaller one with dragons burning a village (she made sure to write beneath the village that it was an “Evil Town” so it was okay to burn it). Our second was a giant Abmiram scene! I thought you’d like to see. 😀

My friend requested a scene with Dakova and Tari in battle vs. an evil spirit in front of an esrodri flying across the moon, so I drew it out.

We carved it together. The flames under the evil spirit were probably the hardest to cut out.

And we lit it up to see how we did! We had to go back and carve away more pumpkin behind Tari for all her little bow lines to show up. It was one thick squash.