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FFXIV Furnishing Contest Win

I love entering these contests, and I’m always amazed at the artistic skill and creativity of the finalists and winners. I’m so excited to have had a submission chosen as a winner in the latest contest for furnishing designs! I’ve thought there should be a curtain object in-game for a long time, so I tried to create one that could be doubled up to frame a window or painting, but that could also serve as a wall decoration on its own. A player could even use the floating wall object glitch to create a curtained division in a room. Sangeet stage backdrops were my inspiration, so I tried to make my design as brightly colored and pretty as possible without being too busy or too difficult to model. It may not happen, but I hope someday I can see my design in Final Fantasy XIV.

I also submitted a trapezoidal bench which could be placed in a variety of arrangements due to the shape. And my third submission was a portrait of the character of Ser Aymeric. This was mostly to remind Square Enix that the player community is still waiting for such an item more than anything. He’s the only Eorzean Alliance leader without a portrait item, and I know I’m not alone in wanting his nation of Ishgard represented on my digital house’s wall. These submissions were all fun to draw up, and I got to practice with GIMP while making them. It’s not as intuitive as Photoshop, but it’s growing on me.

There are so many cool designs among the other contest winners. The aetheryte chandelier, the koi pond, and the kitchenettes are my favorites. I’m already planning on where to put each new object in my house!

These materials are property of SQUARE ENIX