Our Last Ride

The stars are drowning in the inky black sky.
My head on the shivering windowpane,
my time stays still as the world passes by.

What’s outside isn’t real. The moon is a lie.
As are the crook-fingered trees, all the same,
and the stars are all trapped in the inky black sky.

Her head hurts my shoulder, but there’s no way I
could ever wake her from dreams to complain.
Asleep and still, her dreamworld drifts by.

I envy her—the excited twitch of her eye,
while all I have is night’s nothing. What a shame
to see the stars swallowed in the inky black sky.

My tonight is unending, but her time will fly.
She’ll live her whole life while here I remain,
for my moments linger and hers slide on by.

My reflection and I understand and we sigh,
and we blink as our mirror is spattered with rain,
and the stars melt away in the rippling sky.
I’ll be sitting here still, once we’ve said goodbye.

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