Writing – In Progress

Dragon Scales

A middle-grade-and-up fantasy novel.

Despite the death of her father, Mia Candor has always tried to face her life with a calm, positive attitude. She has yet to pinpoint any aspirations, but for a long time she has gazed up at the opulent mansions on the cliffs above her war torn slum with wonder. When she is suddenly sent to work in Thalassa’s richest manor, she meets a girl who will drag her slow, dreamy life into a whirlwind of adventure, danger, and discovery.

On their quest to meet real dragons, rally new friends, and become famous, heroic, magic-wielding mercenaries, Mia will have to change from a laid-back follower to a leader with the willingness to conquer every challenge that comes their way. Together with her loyal new friends, Mia will discover more about her family than she ever knew, finally discover what her own dreams are made of, and inadvertently change the world of magic forever.