Happy July! I can’t believe June went by so quickly. I hope everyone has a good time today and on the 4th too, even if you’re not celebrating anything. I’ve never shot off my own fireworks before, but my husband talked me into getting some bottle rockets a couple days ago, so we’ll see how that goes. Hopefully I don’t set any trees on fire. Or my house.

Things have been going relatively well this past couple of weeks, so I got a new page done. I managed to piece it together from mostly bits of the old version, so that saved me some time. The next several pages are the same as before and will only need some edits to the lighting (for time of day) and the dialog. I should be getting those up soon, too.


Yay, I didn’t burn anything when shooting fireworks. Also, the next few pages will be going up every few days this month. After that there will be a few new ones while the girls attempt to sneak off and leave the priestesses in secret. Then it’s back to where we were before I redid the beginning.

Oh, and this month I have set my old page to redirect to this one automatically.