FFXIV Furnishing Design Implemented!

I don’t get excited about much these days, but in reading the patch notes for Final Fantasy XIV’s new Shadowbringers expansion, I was met with a delightful surprise: My winning entry for the 2017 Furnishing Design Contest has been modeled and put in the game!

The patch notes image of my curtains plus some lovely lily lamps designed by fellow contest winners Mico and Sakura .

They even matched my submission’s wall pattern and color variants in the sample image. The little details on the clasp and edges are spot on, too. I’m very happy with them! The first thing I did upon logging in for early access was craft my own curtains and hang them up all over my free company’s house. They’re just “Simple Curtains” as they’re called in-game, but I’ve been giddy about them all day.

My curtains dyed snow white to match my company’s beach house vibe.

I may have to rearrange all the windows in our house to fit better, but I think they’re looking great. I can’t wait to see other players craft, sell, and decorate with them! It’s so cool to have something I designed exist in a Final Fantasy game.


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